Frog #2

My second time at Frog Design I led teams and pitched new work as an associate director.


  • Build and present pitch decks to perspective clients.
  • Manage and mentor design technologists and help shape the DT program at Frog.
  • Lead cross disciplinary teams of strategiests, designers and technologists.
  • Be the primary contact for client teams and working sessions.
  • Structure end-to-end project requirements and delivery timelines.


I worked on the QVC account for a year and a half to reimagine the digital experience for the long-time home shopping TV network.

I joined the project as a technical advisor during the ideation phase, and then acted as a center point between strategy, design and technical teams when engaging with our client stakeholders.

QVC backlog

A major, if unglamorous part of my work involved building a detailed backlog of capabilities the client would need when Frog was no longer involved.

QVC roadmap

In combination with the above backlog, I built out a product roadmap of all features and how they would unlock over time, noting what capabilities would be required at each point. Each feature mapped back to one of the core value principles for success our team developed.

QVC personalities

Part of the allure of QVC and home shopping in general is the personalities behind the products. We sought to elevate the hosts and make their presence on the website just as felt as on TV.

QVC user preferences

A central part of modernizing the shopping experience was bringing in personalization. This happenened in both automatic and manual ways for shoppers. All of their preferences could be viewed and and controlled through a preferences screen.