I helped deliver brand-focused work across a variety of lifestyle driven companies.


  • Conduct audience research and develop user journey maps.
  • Ideate creative solutions for interactive brand and marketing experiences.
  • Design and improve website information architectures.
  • Develop motion based and interactive prototypes.


A six month project for the Taiwan based electric smartscooter company who wanted to be seen as a future-facing energy provider as much as a vehicle maker.

Gogoro user profiles

We researched current and future audiences from consumers to business partners and global markets to find the best strategy for the change.

Gogoro user journey

Here is a slide showing the system we used indicating the needs of a one user type at a specific part in the experience.

Our team developed a plan to split Gogoro into three separate but connected sides: Smartscooter, Network and Corporate. I created content wireframes that mapped to the needs of users as they navigated the website.

Gogoro site wires