I worked as a creative and technical generalist across many different consulting projects.


  • Led technology based projects with both screen and physical/digital deliverables.
  • Overhauled development practices with modern tooling and code libraries.
  • Provided creative direction and strategy for client based workshops and ideation sessions.


The international architecture firm wanted to explore what a technolgy infused in-person shopping experience could be like in the near future.


We started with collaborative research sessions and pooled my teamʼs screen design and technology expertise with the spacial design skills of CallisonRTKL architects to sketch out possible interactive shopping spaces.


I refined these ideas into aspirational integrated digital/physical designs that would utilize various proximity sensors and anonymous shopper data collection to present dynamic in-person shopping experiences.

Also done at Amplified

  • Developed an on-campus device registration, provisioning and tracking application for Intel.
  • Designed and built a proximity based interactive walkthrough for a public event held at our office.
  • Built an autonomous driving simulation app using synchronized phones, tablets and PCs.
  • Started a thought leadership article series for the design community centered around futurism in everyday life.